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Vineet Prasad

Sr Associate, Training and Design

Growing up in a nurturing environment where Vineet's dreams were not only acknowledged but also respected, even when he struggled to articulate them, laid the foundation for his journey into the realm of education. It was his father who first recognized my budding interest in this field and steered him towards pursuing a Master’s in Education at Ambedkar University, Delhi in 2020.

Since embarking on this educational path, Vineet's singular focus has been on cultivating environments within classrooms where the aspirations of young learners are celebrated, empowering them to pursue their dreams with unwavering confidence. Vineet's ultimate goal is to instill a sense of respect for individual aspirations throughout the education system. This passion led him to Simple Education Foundation, where Vineet found a platform to collaborate with teachers and other stakeholders in the schooling ecosystem.

Outside of his professional endeavors, you'll often find Vineet engaged in the world of theatre, where he interacts with diverse groups and individuals. Through this creative outlet, he hones communication skills and also derives immense joy from exploring different perspectives and narratives.

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