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We pride ourselves in having built custom programs over the years to meet the contextual needs of
a region.

Over the years, we have worked in several geographies and cultural contexts. In addition to our key programs, we also build customised interventions to meet the specific needs of these regions. This is done collaboratively with local educators.

Pathshala Learning Centre_v2.jpg

Pathshala Learning Centre Uttarakhand

Our first rural transformation program set in Uttarakhand, to build high-quality learning opportunities for rural students to give them the co-curricular exposure they deserve.

In July 2016, we launched a project in Uttarakhand called 'Pathshala'. We partnered with Forest Essentials to focus on 13 villages in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. We began by transforming a Senior Secondary School. We work directly with students in classrooms, supporting the school, and creating opportunities for the community to get involved, so they could take ownership of the school's transformation. In 2020, the program has taken the shape of a community-led (team-members & student interns) learning centre called Pathshala learning centre.

Two Initiatives Under Pathshala

  • Rural Opportunities and Pathways to Excellence: A 3-course mixed grade learning cycle for holistic English learning.

  • Rural Youth Tribe: A student internship program that empowers student alumni to develop skills in classroom facilitation, administration, and communication, fostering future ownership of the Center.

Project Taleem.jpg

Project Taleem
Jammu and Kashmir

Taleem was a pilot project for the Directorate of Education Kashmir to coach and empower govt school teachers to become instructional leaders. 

In May 2016, we teamed up with the Directorate of School Education in the Kashmir region to coach and empower government school teachers and Head Masters. Initially, we focused on supporting 10 schools in Srinagar and Bandipore districts. We conducted workshops and provided one-on-one coaching to strengthen their instructional abilities and leadership qualities. We collaborated with Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan (SSA) to design and implement teacher training modules for master trainers throughout the state.

Key Successes

  • Trainers indirectly impacted approximately 80,000 teachers across Jammu & Kashmir.

  • Continued as an implementation partner for in-service teacher training and refresher modules statewide.


This program was recognised as a best practice in government teacher training by

the Ministry of Human Resources in 2016-17.

Prayogshala Projectv2.jpg

Prayogshala Project
New Delhi

Prayogshala, also known as our Learning Lab, was a special place in the community where students engaged in "design-thinking" projects.

The aim was to develop problem-solving skills that are useful not only in their classrooms but also in other areas of life.
In 2014, one of our co-founders, Rahul Bhanot, started this small but innovative after-school learning center in Tughlakabad Extension, South Delhi. He noticed that the children needed a place where they could take control of their own learning journey and explore ways to apply their skills.

Focus Areas

  • Cultivating leadership and problem-solving skills in children

  • Enabling children to become independent learners

  • Building opportunities for children to identify community problems and develop constructive solutions.

Where it is now

After providing intensive support for 4 years, the girls we worked with became independent learners. We transitioned from an immersive learning-lab model to a low-touch guidance model. The project continues to be run today by the community itself.


Shiksha is studying Media and Journalism in IP University, Delhi.

Kumkum and Monica have started Born This Way an online advocacy platform for the LGBTQIA+ community

Komal is pursuing BBA LLB and volunteers to provide legal advice to people from rural areas

“We are the base of SEF! My experience with SEF has been a rollercoaster because I have learnt a lot of things! SEF has taught me problem-solving, how I think about others, how I think about my community and how I can bring change in the society”


Students in government schools have the potential to thrive as in any other school if teachers are able to create a nurturing, holistic learning environment for them.

We are working with the government to strengthen
1 million teachers by 2028.

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