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Vibhuti Dwivedi

Associate, Pre-Service Program, Delhi

It was at the very beginning of her adulthood when Vibhuti understood the importance of education. The realization that access to and affordability of good education had always been elusive to the poor intrigued her and drove her to make tangible changes in the conditions of those marginalized near her. In her opinion, education is the key not only to improving the quality of life but also to changing people's thought processes and perspectives.

Vibhuti had always been fascinated by teaching as it helped her stay on an intentional learning curve. While pursuing her post-graduation in Zoology, she worked with a Times of India CSR project and met a group of young men and women who were apprehensive about venturing into jobs. This ignited concern and curiosity on how excellent language skills in English facilitate one's suitability for employment.

Driven by the vision of equal opportunities for all, she joined Teach For India (TFI) and left her position in a well-reputed ed-tech company. Post the fellowship experience, she wanted to work with people of similar mindsets and create sustainable solutions. Hence, she decided to join the Pre-Service Team at the Simple Education Foundation to play her role in empowering educators to be loving, skilled and intuitive!

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