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Vaibhav Mishra


Associate, Monitoring and Evaluation, State Program, Delhi

Vaibhav is an optimist who believes in the end all is going to be well regardless of the circumstances if you just keep moving forward. He graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia with a degree in business, amid the covid pandemic. After graduating he unexpectedly worked with the government under the CMIE Fellowship which was a roller coaster ride for him. It changed his worldview entirely & led him to discover his will to commit to the development sector. He loves cooking and devouring food. He has too many dogs named Richie, Leo, Jerry and Perry; few live inside his house and few outside.

As a child, Vaibhav's life was filled with playing football, cycling and fighting with his younger brother. He used to routinely get into trouble for always being up for anything mischievous.

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