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Shruti Mushran


Associate Director, Programs

Shruti graduated with a degree in Psychology from Delhi University and a Master's in Fashion Management from NIFT, Bengaluru. After working in the fashion industry for about a year, she wanted to do something more meaningful and found her way into the Teach for India fellowship. Her fellowship journey, much like life, was a rollercoaster ride full of adventure and creativity. After the fellowship, as part of TFI's incubator program, she worked as an Assistant School Leader on school transformation in low-income private schools in Bangalore; this strengthened her belief in the potential of stakeholders on the learning of children. With interests and experience in diverse areas, she values having this choice and gaining awareness to make these choices. She enjoys dancing, going out with friends and being entertaining.

Shruti believes that School Leaders (Principals) can lead school transformation and in her current role designs interventions to enable school leadership!

In her childhood, Shruti was on the reserved/shy side but always a funny child. She remembers enjoying drawing different dress designs.

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