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Sagar Ahuja


Senior Associate, Teacher Development, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Sagar Ahuja is a passionate educator and facilitator, an artist, a learner, and above all a compassionate human being.

His passion for teaching and community service brought him to Teach For India in 2019. After teaching 9th and 10th grade for two years he chooses to teach elementary grades during his Transformational Teaching Fellowship. He was the first one to teach Nur and KG grades in Teach For India and has done exceptional work with young kids.

He is always full of energy and joy and considers love, empathy, and grit as his top 3 values.

At SEF Sagar is working closely with the Teacher vertical of COE (Centers of Excellence, Urban) to develop, strategize, articulate, and implement the teacher development program for the cohort of government teachers.

In his childhood, Sagar was an introverted kid. He used to love drawing and cooking.

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