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Riddhi Paliwal

Senior Associate, Training & Design

As a young girl, Riddhi wanted to be an archaeologist, which led her to take up History in college. Her desire to make Social Science subjects interesting for everyone, led her to foray into the space of Education. 

With an aim in mind to make learning fun for all, she did her M.A. in Education and went on to join Azim Premji Foundation, where Riddhi got to know about the depth of systemic inequities and challenges persistent in the public education sector. This experience gave her the chance to understand child psychology and development holistically and made her realize that a compassionate and empathetic teacher can truly change the world. 

As a believer in ‘quality education for all’, Riddhi aspires to see a world where all children get the teaching and learning experience they truly deserve. 

Riddhi was an inquisitive child, always asking a ton of questions to everyone. She also used to read a lot, a habit which she still has! 

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