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Mohan Jha


Manager, Finance and Administration

Mohan is the pillar of the SEF, Finance, and Accounts team. With an avid interest in all things finance and commerce, he completed his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. Subsequently, he cleared the CA group from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 2005. Although hailing from Madhubani in Bihar, Mohan has spent most of his childhood in Kolkata with his grandparents. He finally moved to Delhi in 2007, which has been his home for almost two decades.

Early in his career, he mostly worked in the banking or manufacturing sector. Still, he always had the desire to use his skills to do good for society. Therefore, Mohan wanted to work in the nonprofit sector, believing it to mirror on-ground realities. Joining SEF was a moment of relief and joy in his life. This was his way of finally fulfilling his responsibility towards society and making a meaningful contribution to the community. A massive fan of music and Raj Kapoor, he can be found watching reruns of ‘Mera Naam Joker’ any time of the day. He believes it represents the honesty and simplicity he wishes to embody in his life.

As a child, Mohan could always be found talking to his friends or making new ones.

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