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Harshit Bajaj

Associate, Monitoring, Evaluation and Operations

Harshit started as a confused but curious kid. The more he traversed diverse learning environments; from bustling Delhi government schools to valleys in Kashmir, from a student to facilitator in teacher training workshops; the more he craved a story where everyone's educational experience is woven into a tapestry of opportunity. This yearning evolved into a resolute purpose – to improve the education landscape so that every child gets the opportunity to explore and learn from the world around them. Though Harshit completed his Masters in applied mathematics, he ventured into interdisciplinary education and gained exposure to people from diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and knowledge, which formed the basis that diversified his way of thinking.

As a Teach For India fellow, Harshit found himself in the vibrant chaos of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Jahangirpuri. Here, he embarked on a mission to ignite the scientific minds of 84 young girls by making math visually engaging. But the true learning extended far beyond the classroom. The Teach For India fellowship became a crucible for connection, where leadership created a culture of hopeful vision, meticulous planning, and self-reflection – a philosophy that influenced every stakeholder, including the fellows themselves.

When not working you can often find him singing the wrong lyrics, binge-watching shows, watching plays or perhaps just planning to make further plans.

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