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Geetika Arora


Associate Director, Programs

During her college days, Geetika had her first glimpse of what inequity looks like while teaching construction workers’ kids in college. It inspired her to volunteer in NGOs like MAD and Kat-Katha. There she worked with children from marginalized backgrounds, and it brought her immense joy to see them prosper when provided with equitable opportunities.

In order to bring equitable opportunities to more kids, she joined the Teach for India fellowship. She landed in a classroom of 35 phenomenal girls who strengthened her belief that a teacher is the catalyst of change in a child’s life.

To work closely with teachers, she joined 321 Education Foundation right after the fellowship. She supported teachers in building a safe and inclusive environment in the class, which eventually led to higher learning outcomes. Geetika believes that teaching is incredibly challenging and rewarding. Thus, to bring systemic change, we need to work collectively to build an ecosystem that empowers teachers to give their best in the classroom every day.

Through her current role as team lead, Geetika is deepening her understanding of what it takes to bring a sustainable systemic change.

As a child, Geetika used to get lost in her own world, making her own stories and creating panic in her home by getting lost. She still does.

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