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Devanshi Malhotra


Associate, Teacher Development, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Devanshi always dreamt of becoming an educator. Life-changing experiences during school deepened her interest in education and helped her realize the phenomenal role of educators in our lives. She did her undergraduate in Political Science from Delhi University in 2021, where she tried pursuing her interests in teaching. Soon after her graduation, she joined the Teach For India fellowship to dive deep into the reality of the Indian education system. She worked relentlessly towards a mission of equitable education for all, where she taught her beautiful 40 children in Delhi. Meanwhile, she also pursued her Masters in Political Science and Governance to understand the link between Indian politics and the education system to bring it back to her classroom. 

She is an advocate for children's mental well-being. For this cause, she co-founded her project Aarohan, which acts as a one-stop portal for educators and also enables them to procure free-of-cost therapy for their children. With the fellowship experiences, she witnessed the grass root level functioning of the Indian education system; and certainly sees herself in the education sector in the long run and aspires to bring transformational change through empathy.

Devanshi recalls being an introverted yet emotional child; she loved being on stage to talk, tell stories and pose for the camera in her own safe space. She describes her childhood as protected, warm, and full of love.

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