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Binsy Eapen


Associate, Teacher Development, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Binsy is a Physical Science graduate from St. Stephens College Delhi. Having studied in a government school herself, she was not fully satisfied with the education she was getting. The lack of motivation in teachers and the competitive nature of learning was toxic for her. When she came to college, she got to know about Teach for India and instantly could relate to the vision of the organization. She joined the fellowship and loved being a part of the development sector. After 2 years, to widen her impact, she decided to work with the government teachers who are in the system. She now understands the importance of educators having a support system and, in her current role, strives to empower Government school teachers. Her friends describe her as having the right amount of calmness in an otherwise storm. She loves traveling, yoga, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

In her childhood, Binsy used to dress up like a teacher and taught her gazillions of Teddy bears Mathematics:)

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