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Anamika Sudhakar


Senior Associate, Strategy Partner to SLT

From a mixed ethnic background and early childhood spent in multiple cities, Anamika’s core memories revolve around her curiosity to understand the diversity in human society. Owing to her interest in the world and its people, she pursued Sociology and Political Science during graduation. Her discipline and active interest in street theater gave her an insight into the socio-economic structures of society.

With a deepening interest in the role of a civil society member, Anamika joined the Teach for India fellowship as part of the 2021 cohort. Motivated by the desire to drive sustainable and long-term social equity, she surrounds herself in an environment that fosters the growth of her vision and channelizes her strengths into affirmative action. The Teach for India fellowship exposed her to the grassroots of government functioning. It evolved into the belief that good governance and honest policy implementation are the rights of every citizen.

Her childhood was spent on stage - dancing, singing, acting, speaking - much hasn’t changed given her "main character energy"!

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