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Akriti Singh


Associate, Sashakt Prathmik (TG)

Having lived in multiple geographies and being a part of various societies, one thing that Akriti has always wondered about is how two lives on the same planet, under the same skies, could still be polar opposites. She has always tried to look at society from multiple perspectives and has since been on the lookout for truths often unseen and undiscovered by those who have only experienced the abundance of resources available to them.

After completing her education in Dehradun and graduating from the University of Delhi, Akriti decided to follow her calling by joining the Teach for India Fellowship immediately. She taught at Bab Ul Uloom School, a unique low-income private school run entirely by young women from the Jafrabad Community of Delhi. It was here that she witnessed the true and transformative power of collective effort, and she has maintained deep faith in it ever since.

She then worked for an internship offered by the District Administration of Koderma, where she discovered how age-old societal structures and stereotypes govern villages. It was during this experience that she realized her desire to work in a rural setting, in order to understand the last mile delivery and implementation of policies, as well as the impact of society on the upbringing of children who will eventually become citizens of the country.

As a child, Akriti would spend her time reading books by Ruskin Bond, Enid Blyton, and later Agatha Christie. She also enjoyed watching Cartoon Network and expressed herself through writing poetry.

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