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The module of change

Rehana Quasar

SSA Master Trainer, Srinagar District, J & K

As a Master Trainer with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, I have found the new teacher training modules of SEF quite effective and comprehensive.

SSA has helped teachers to be trained but SEF educates teachers to love teaching. SEF training is like a breath of fresh air, that allows teachers in the field be able to implement them at every stage of learning. It is a beautiful investment as it teaches us to conquer children young. We really appreciate this opportunity by SSA that has given us a reason to explore our own growth.

The SEF program has practical base that has provided full access to reading, writing strategies, teaching approaches, management procedures and most importantly is a wealth of ideas and as we talk to teachers about the program we find it shall maximize success with the existing classroom resources. SEF is not only concerned with the learning levels of the student at elementary but caters each and every aspect of student context, classroom culture, classroom management and investment. The way the module has been formulated gives a vision to a trainee that it is not only about teaching skill but it is about making relationship with the students. The beauty of this module is that it believes in the capability of every student’s growth which is measured by continuous tracking, be it on academic or behavioural front. Differentiation has been explained in a way that teacher shall be able to judge the baseline of every individual student. It is actually putting student on continuous check so that the potential of every child is measured rigorously. The module has given scaffolded instructions for the teacher to help out the struggling students. The way the lesson vision and lesson plan have been put forth are not only appreciated by the team associated with the dissemination of content but at the same time is being praised and digested by the trainees as well.

The session on child development has the highest value in the module. This session is very much helpful in understanding child’s psychology. The theory of cognitive and social development by Piget and Ericson, has done justice in making facilitators to understand development of child at different stages of life. Inclusive education and art integrated learning has its own place in the module. Overall it is the first step on the journey, that shall surely reach its set goal.

Moving forward, we hope to have increased number of training days with the SEF team, and also look forward to some sessions on counselling of parents and building their ownership in strengthening school culture. We would also like to learn more about how to improve reading and writing skills among the struggling students. The way the training is being viewed and made accountable by the higher ups should be taken to the classroom with the same enthusiasm and vigour. Most important part is the monitoring on the grassroots level. Head of the institutes should be made aware about the parameters for school, student and teacher monitoring before monitoring takes place. We are hopeful that these innovative teacher-training modules designed by SEF will empower the teachers to transform their classrooms and help our schools perform better.

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