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School partnerships

Anita Pandey

India has an uphill task of providing quality primary schooling to all eligible children. It is a task of enormous proportions in every way. Therefore, the task of ensuring basic primary education and literacy to every child requires the voluntary and private sectors as well as communities to collaborate and contribute.

Successful experiments and new approaches  to education have emerged from non government organizations (NGOs). The education system not only needs to let a thousand flowers bloom but also to imbibe lessons from NGO activities to improve the quality of education at large. This is where Simple Education came forward in April 2017 like a blessing from god to join hands with SDMC primary School to extend support in transforming children at primary level into confident educated children to go onto become a responsible citizens. This initiative is a result of a collaborative partnerships between the South delhi Municipal Corporation & SEF.

The SEF staff through their commitment has blended well with thschool and staff and the children. The all-round development in mental ability, cultural values, education standard and self confidence of every child of Nursery, class 1, and class 2 is distinctly noticed and appreciated. Children are also getting exposed to modern teaching methodology and learning techniques.

The objective of this program is a boon to every child. Collaborations with SEF is helping in bridging all kinds of socio economic gaps and ensuring the same time the quality education is comparable to expensive public schools and no extra cost. This is a god sent opportunity for everyone (school staff, SEF staff, and children). Let us work harder and contribute positively in nation-building.

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