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Sanjana Agarwal

Associate, Communication and Fundraising

Born and raised in Delh NCR, Sanjana was introduced to education and teaching by her mother who was a teacher. Her enthusiasm and empathetic connection with her kids (students) inspired Sanjana to take up a career where she could contribute towards improving the society around her. Her journey in this involved pursuing Political Science & Law. Sanjana's internships at different human rights organizations helped her to build an interdisciplinary outlook for solutions to social problems.

Following the successful completion of the Unlearn Fellowship, where she facilitated sessions on gender and social-emotional learning with young men and boys at observation homes, she realized she wanted to build a sustainable future in the education sector. After a brief stint at Labhya Foundation as a Program Associate, she joined the Paper Plane Movement! Outside of work, Sanjana has a spiritual interest in learning different healing modalities, a semi-regular yoga practice, a love of reading, and building sisterhood and friendships that nurture her fire of curiosity, community, service, and healing. 

As a child, Sanjana had an overactive imagination, and peculiar hobbies of solving mysteries or finding treasure helped build an adventurous and heroic spirit!

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