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Ria Khanna


Associate, State Program, Delhi

As a young girl, Ria often wondered what an excellent education looked like, as her school classroom was far from it. She operated with a sense of fear rather than with a sense of joy for learning. She used to think about how she would have made the classroom inclusive and safe if she were in the teacher's place. As a young adult, Ria completed her degree in Economics from Delhi University; she dabbled in becoming a teacher by volunteering to teach every Saturday, which quickly became her favorite day of the week. After this, she decided to take the plunge by quitting her 9-5 job to join the Teach For India Fellowship.

During the fellowship, she got to work on her project, which aimed to enable all educators to leverage their existing classroom data to create a holistic learning environment for their students through a one-stop portal. She strongly believes in the immense power educators hold in shaping the lives of their students and wishes to work with and for educators to bring about scalable and sustainable change.

As a child, Ria spent her days pretending to be the main character of Winx Club or The Magic School Bus and eating Mcdonalds with her friends.

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