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Pratyay Malakar


Senior Associate, State Program, Delhi

Pratyay is a social researcher by training, an educator by passion, and a teacher educator by choice. With a background in Geography, she pivoted towards the education sector and has 4 years of experience in the areas of Teacher Development, Instructional Design, and Inclusive Education. She started her journey as a Teach For India Fellow and taught a bunch of 29 young girls in North Delhi. She continued to work with Barefoot Edu Foundation and Firki Teacher Training Portal as a teacher coach and instructional designer. Pratyay has a keen interest in diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), human-centered practices, educational leadership, and policy and has also been associated with Pride Network Community at Teach For All.

In her free time she loves to listen to music Pratyay loves to listen to music, watch movies and series, and dance in her free time. She also likes to read books on feminist literature, people and culture, and leadership.

At SEF, Pratyay is using her skill of human-centered design to develop a high-quality capacity-building program for teacher educators and aspiring teachers in Delhi Government.

Pratyay was very imaginative as a child, lost in the universe of detective novels. As a child, she was also inspired by Hermionie and wanted to study in Hogwarts.

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