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Pallavi Wali


Senior Manager, State Program, Punjab

Raised in a Kashmiri Pandit-Manipuri Meitei household in Rajasthan, the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbhkam (the world is one family) was inculcated in Pallavi from a young age. Her education in political science and conflict management further strengthened her belief in education as a tool to overcome structural violence. She worked with various government agencies, nonprofits, and civil society at large but firmly believed that education could lead to peace. She founded the South Asian Peace Project (SAPP) to bring to the fore regional peacebuilding initiatives that have remained dwarfed and isolated before the meta-narrative of conflict and vengeance. Her experience ranges from program strategy, co-creation and scaling up of projects, and government and stakeholder relations. Pallavi spends her off days with the Global Peace Hub at the Swedish Development Fund

As a child, Pallavi was exactly where she is today - curled up in her mum’s lap, eating dal-rice, dreaming about SRK.

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