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Jay Jataniya


Project Lead, State Program, Punjab

During his college days, Jay had first experienced what inequity feels like when he couldn’t be part of opportunities in college due to lack of exposure and a language barrier. It inspired him to volunteer in an NGO and teach out-of-school children. These formative experiences helped him develop a broader comprehension of the adversity that our children face and how lack of opportunities and exposure acts as a barrier to each individual realizing their fullest potential. These experiences have also shaped his vision to start a school of his own. He joined the Teach For India fellowship to take a step closer to this vision.

A total of 6 years in the sector, especially his journey post-fellowship, has broadened his scale of providing an excellent education. And by working with teachers, exploring and learning how to empower, inspire and train teachers, he has expanded his own understanding of holistic education. He loves reading non-fiction, taking long walks, and capturing moments.

At SEF, Jay is responsible for building relations and collaborating with stakeholders towards designing, implementing, and assessing high-quality teacher training programs rooted in the philosophy of SEF and on-ground needs of educators in collaboration with Government Education Institutions

Jay was curious and mischievous as a child - he remembers spending most of his childhood playing cricket, taking long walks to farms and climbing trees.

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