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Ishita Madan


Senior Associate, Learning and Insight

Having grown up in Delhi, Ishita initially sought a simple life as an English teacher, but her path took an unexpected turn. Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in elementary education opened her eyes to the complex realities of the education system.

Through her experiences in Government, private, and alternative educational institutions, she developed a deep understanding of the stark inequalities present in Indian society. She recognizes that social mobility hinges upon educational mobility and works tirelessly to create avenues in schools that support holistic development and enable students to become self-directed lifelong learners. Her desire to challenge the existing educational system and foster critical thinking is evident in her role at SEF, where she contributes to designing a curriculum that reflects her vision of a more inclusive and empowering education for all. With an MA in Education from Ambedkar University, she has gained valuable insights from teaching primary school children in both government and elite private schools.

Ishita envisions a future where education nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and empowers students to question the status quo. She firmly believes that education should not view individuals as mere resources but rather equip them with the tools to lead happy, productive, and sustainable lives.

Being the first child in her family, she was the ultimate attention seeker, happily donning lehengas for any and every occasion while greeting strangers like they were long-lost friends.

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