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Apoorva Bhatia


Consultant, Learning & Insight

Apoorva is an engineer and a marketing professional by qualification but realized she loves working with and for children.

During her first corporate stint, she found it difficult to resonate with the spirit and nature of the industry. She hoped to seek motivation, rigor, and purpose, so she decided to work for causes closer to her heart. While volunteering with grassroots-level organizations in the mountains of northern India, she found that her true calling lies in working and learning with children. Since then, she has engaged with organizations that strive to transform the educational landscape of India, especially for children from underprivileged sections of society. She is deeply passionate about holistic learning approaches that provide learners and educators the space to nurture creativity and curiosity. Therefore, under the guidance and support of enthusiastic educators working in alternative education, she trained herself on hands-on and inquiry-based approaches in Math and Science that enable them to be curious and engaged. Her work gave her the opportunity to interact with public and private school teachers across India and share the wealth of joyful resources that make teaching and learning more fun.

Being a teacher educator, she has had the opportunity to research, curate and present academic ideas in experiential ways, enabling critical thinking and creating a love for learning among children. At SEF, she works with the Pre-service team to design and implement strategies to transform the teacher education program offered by State education bodies.

As a child, Apoorva was very curious and mischievous, never missing a chance to play pranks on her friends and even teachers.

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