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Angela Mathew


Senior Design Manager, Programs & Ed-Ecosystem

An advertising graduate from Mumbai and Teach for India Fellow, Angela joined the Research and Design team at SEF to challenge her own understanding of the Curriculum and Pedagogy of the Indian Education System that could help children learn and grow.

Through her journey as an educator in the last 5 years she has grown to define her hope for children and adults alike as ‘Creating a safe space where individuals can express authentically and explore and experiment to their own fullest potential.’ Before SEF , she was an Assistant School Leader at Hope Foundation Academy in Langmei a tribal Village, in Manipur with Sunbird Trust where she learnt that art, relationships and excel sheets could change the world. In her current role as a design lead, Angela is ensuring that educators have access to resources designed for them and their needs.

Angela describes her childhood self as a daydreamer who often caused panic by getting lost; not much has changed since.

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